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  • USA: Electronic Files Could Save Paper, Thousands of Dollars in Fayette County, Kentucky

    In Fayette County, Ky., the days when assistant prosecutors had to lug paper documents through courthouse halls are fading fast. Now, lawyers carry laptops and can access case files immediately and electronically as part of a new paperless project by the county attorney's office, an effort which could save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, according to Fayette County Attorney Larry Roberts.

    "We pay 11 cents a page every time we Xerox a piece of paper," Roberts said. "With 300 cases going on at one time every day, there's a lot of paper being printed and thrown out immediately."

  • USA: GPO dives into digital future

    Begins testing automated management system

    The Government Printing Office is ready to test the ambitious Future Digital System, a content management system designed to handle the many documents GPO publishes and posts for the rest of government.

    In August 2006, GPO awarded Harris Corp. a four-year, $29 million contract to build out the initial capabilities of FDSys. The company will put the first elements into operation this month for internal testing.

  • USA: National Institutes of Health and drug industry build a bridge to paperless processes

    Cancer institute pilot program uses digital signatures for therapy evaluation program

    The National Cancer Institute (NCI) and Bristol-Myers Squibb are using digital certificates that have been cross-certified by federal and industry public-key infrastructure bridges to take the paper out of paperwork in a cancer treatment evaluation program.

    The program to enable digital signatures on electronic documents, which began this spring, could dramatically reduce the cost of clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry and allow NCI to make fuller use of the government’s Personal Identity Verification card.

  • USA: Open Source Document Management a Money Saver for Corpus Christi, Texas

    For a city or county agency, the routing and maintenance of documents is much like the human body's circulatory system -- there is a lot of complexity and many pathways.

    And like health care, document management systems can be expensive. But that's not necessarily a set-in-stone cost. For example, Corpus Christi, Texas, CIO Michael Armstrong believes document management can be cheaper by utilizing companies that combine free open source document management software with traditional maintenance support -- a hybrid solution that can yield bargain-bin prices.

  • USA: Treasury to end paper checks and savings bonds

    Paper retirement benefits checks and savings bonds soon will become a thing of the past, for federal employees and all other government beneficiaries, under a new e-government initiative announced Monday.

    Switching from paper to electronic transactions will save more than $400 million and 12 million pounds of paper during the first five years alone, the Treasury Department said.

  • USA: Virginia: Petersburg City Public Schools Board to go paperless

    The Board of the Petersburg City Public Schools (PCPS) is always looking for ways to more efficiently serve the students and stakeholders of the district. With the recent adoption of the BoardDocs® LT program, the Board expects to leverage the power of Internet to radically improve the governance process while saving time, taxpayer dollars and the environment, according to Dawn Adams, who recently led training in the system for PCPS Board members.

    The new eGovernance initiative will replace the old and costly method of compiling, printing, binding and distributing paper agenda packets by hand. The remarkably powerful, easy-to-use solution will enable the district to maximize the effectiveness of their board meetings with increased transparency, providing a basis for better and more open communication with the public, while dramatically increasing productivity and saving thousands of dollars annually.

  • Vietnam to digitise 60 per cent of state documents by 2015

    60 per cent of official documents and materials exchanged between state agencies will be in electronic format by 2015, according to instruction number 15/CT-TTg issued by the Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on May 22.

    All ministries and relevant government agencies and the people’s committees of provinces and cities nationwide have been requested to use email to exchange documents such as invitations, reports, announcements and other official papers.

    The PM also asked for the digitisation of archived documents and material to help civil servants search for and deal with information via the internet.

  • Werkzeuge für das Dokumenten-Management

    Von der Eingangsrechnung bis zur E-Mail - mit Dokumenten-Management-Systemen (DMS) lässt sich heute so ziemlich alles verwalten. Doch nicht jedes Produkt kann alles gleich gut: Die spezifische Anwendungsumgebung ist entscheidend bei der Systemauswahl.
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