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Freitag, 10.07.2020
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Denmark has been covered with IoT connectivity thanks to a partnership between telecoms firm Teracom and LoRaWAN specialists Loriot.

The partners aim to enable IoT applications spanning a range of sectors including smart metering, smart farming, smart building, and smart city applications.

Martin Lobel, CEO of Teracom, said:

“The interest for IoT solutions and the demand for Internet-of-things connectivity is growing dramatically in Denmark. Teracom is fully committed to providing full coverage to the whole country and the roll-out is almost completed.

Loriot’s network server solution allows us to easily set-up and manage such a large network and enables our customers to scale their applications.”

Loriot is a global IoT company which is providing the management system of Denmark’s network. The solution claims to ensure high performance, robust security, and compliance with local regulations.

Julian Studer, Chief Operating Officer of Loriot, comments:

“Teracom is one of our best partners and we are extremely happy to keep on building the future of IoT with such a partner.

The Danish nationwide rollout strengthens our leading positioning in Europe and we are confident that it will generate even greater demand for and dissemination of IoT solutions.”

The country is the second this week to receive nationwide IoT coverage. On Tuesday, IoT News reported Sigfox is now providing ‘coast-to-coast’ connectivity in Canada with its low-power network.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Ryan Daws

Quelle/Source: IoT Tech News, 11.04.2019

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