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Freitag, 4.12.2020
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The Port of Barcelona and Port Technology International have announced the release of the agenda and opening of registration for the first virtual ‘Smart Ports: Piers of the Future’ 2020 event.

In November 2020, due to the current pandemic, ‘Smart City Expo World Congress’ will be held in a virtual format called Smart City Live 2020. Similarly, ‘Smart Ports: Piers of the Future’ has developed its own 100% online platform where you can stream the event.

The event will take place on November 17 and 18 under the motto ‘Thinking Ahead, Globally’.

This year will also be the first time the ‘Smart Ports: Piers of the Future’ event is being brought to you in partnership with Port Technology International, the industry-leading media company for ports and terminals.

The Smart Ports: Piers of the Future agenda includes topics such as: Digital Playbook, Innovative Technologies, Cybersecurity, Energy Transition, Smart Piers Cities and Blockchain, among others.

In addition, as a partner of Smart City Live 2020, Smart Ports is collaborating on a panel to discuss ‘smart ports’ – ‘smart cities’. Jordi Torrent (Strategy Director of the Port of Barcelona), Jens Meier (CEO of the Port of Hamburg) and Gene Seroka (CEO of the Port of Los Angeles) will take part in this debate.

Smart Ports 2020 is emerging as the ideal opportunity for the exchange of ideas, projects and initiatives related to the sector, and will act as a global partner of Smart City Expo World Congress. It is an event of global relevance that seeks to give visibility to proposals, business models and innovation, focused on ports and their relationship with the world.

This event will serve to show the importance of having a smart and digitalized port, committed to the environment but, above all, connected with the inhabitants of their cities and the planet. Registration is free to attend.

The Port of Barcelona is the fastest growing port in Western Europe and it is part of a unique and seamless logistics and business hub, including airport, port, logistics areas and a large urban area. It is Spain’s top port for international trade enabling companies to reach a market of 400 million consumers in under 48 hours. Its area of influence stretches through the south and centre of Europe, North Africa and it is the logistics gateway linking markets as distant as the Far East and Latin America.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Baibhav Mishra

Quelle/Source: Sea News, 03.11.2020

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