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Barcelona has become one of the most technological cities in Europe. Its power of innovation has made it a Spanish benchmark.


A smart city is one that aims to give voice to the requests of its citizens, facilitating their mobility through the use of green technology. Among the clearest objectives of these places is the reduction of waste, the reduction of nuisances (such as noise or vehicle congestion at rush hour), or maximizing social inclusion.

Barcelona has become in a reference about the electric vehicle. This city has the first ‘Enery Island Endesa’, the first Spanish point to charge your smart car, located in Ciudad Condal.

The smarts cities are born of necessity to create a harmony between sustainable development and available resources.

Moreover, the city has sensors on the asphalt in several areas to check the availability of parking spaces in real time.


Spain has become an epicenter of work for many companies. Barcelona stands out for its technological potential and its installations. It is the host of the Smart Cities World Congress. A place where companies and customers meet surrounded by innovation and technology.

The Catalan capital has shown that it is ready to host meeting points for professionals. Companies such as Telefonica, Microsoft or HP, have been part of the city’s development


Another of the strengths of Barcelona is the creation of APP that facilitate the life of their citizens.

The Mobile World Congress has been celebrated in Barcelona more than 10 years. Is considerate the most important event in the world in its sector. It aims to promote international collaboration in mobile wireless communications.

Barcelona supports the development of mobile applications to improve people’s lives. During the pandemic, professionals developed an APP to provide information to citizens. It was born with a need: to be productive. ConfinAPP was born to find out what financial support is available to workers affected by the crisis, through to support for emotional health problems.


The large influx of tourists and citizens has led Barcelona to look for a plan B to preserve the ecological and sustainable essence of the city. To achieve this, it has created buildings that have become the city’s lungs and initiatives to promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

The map Barcelona+Sostenible promotes sustainable activities. It also contributes to improving the urban environment and recommending sustainable local businesses.

Barcelona ranks 19th in the world’s most innovative cities. It has become a benchmark for many places. Spain is a sustainable country, and will gradually become more so.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Rohan Mathawan

Quelle/Source: Tech Story, 07.06.2022

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