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SANTA POLA will replace 5,379 lights throughout the city with new computer-controlled LED lamps as the city on Spain’s Costa Blanca continues to develop plans for a SMART CITY.

After finalising an energy services and maintenance contract that guarantees outdoor lighting installations, traffic lights and smart city devices, Alicante’s Santa Pola is gearing up to be one of Spain’s first SMART cities.

The 15 year lighting contract, with a base bidding budget of €1.17 million per year, will see 85 per cent of the total existing lighting replaced with LED technology lights in the city.

Santa Pola’s Smart City Master Plan, which has already been drafted, will be strengthened by the new lights, with an estimated saving of between 50 and 80 per cent of current consumption expected.

The City Council said that “the SMART CITY (intelligent city) is intended to guide the future of the municipality, support and promote the development and transformation of the current city in an efficient and sustainable environment and an intelligent space at the service of residents.”

Included in the construction of the Smart City in Santa Pola will be an operations, control, supervision and management centre that will unify the management of all services and the current control and surveillance systems, allowing intelligent management of the city.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Matthew Roscoe

Quelle/Source: Euro Weekly News, 21.06.2022

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