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Samstag, 20.07.2024
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The digital smart tool has produced four videos, which show the evolution of fashion styles in the past 100 years

The City of Madrid has announced that it will launch its first marketing and communication campaign featuring videos entirely produced by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is the first such communication project in the history of the Spanish capital that will rely on the help of increasingly smarter digital systems.

Under the title of “More than a hundred years evolving together” (Más de cien años evolucionando juntos), this campaign is based on four videos generated entirely by an AI, which show how the citizens’ lifestyles and way of dressing have evolved in the last century. The images show different profiles of women, owners and clients of century-old establishments and restaurants.

Currently, there are only short previews of the four videos, however, they will be fully available to see when the campaign gets underway on 21 August.

Mixing history and technology

Since 2006, the Madrid City Council has had a policy of promoting its small heritage businesses by placing informative plaques next to them. These include small shops and restaurants, which have stood the test of time to gain an iconic status. Most are more than a hundred years old and the premises they are located in are part of the charm and character that make them unique and valuable.

The City Council has also pioneered the idea of incorporating small businesses into street signs, which will catch the attention of locals and tourists. Another initiative has been the placement of QR codes on bus stops. Scanning these leads the users to a website, called Todo está en Madrid (Madrid has it all), which serves up plentiful information about the merchant and services fabric of the Spanish capital.

Currently, there are 848 signs and plaques installed in different parts of the historic centre of the city.


Quelle/Source: The Mayor, 17.08.2023

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