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Samstag, 20.07.2024
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Fuengirola Council is improving urban traffic with an intelligent traffic management system. This is a new initiative of the government team to turn Fuengirola into a “smart city” and combines traffic light control with a network of video cameras that use images processed through artificial intelligence to manage mobility in a more efficient way, in order to improve safety on Fuengirola’s road network.

“Everyone is already aware of the firm and resounding commitment that we are making at Fuengirola Town Hall to innovate services in order to offer greater well-being to our residents,” said the mayor Ana Mula.

This new traffic management system makes it possible to geo-position the different types of vehicles circulating in the town, categorise them and interconnect with a central server that will record, receive and store all kinds of data and images on traffic in real time, managed by the Traffic Unit of the Local Police.

The implementation of this system aims to minimise the number of accidents and traffic jams, to reinforce the feeling of public safety, optimising the management of local police forces, reducing waiting times to solve incidents and also improving the efficiency of emergency management.

Work on the deployment of nine kilometres of 5G mobile wireless network began months ago and is now focused on the installation of 148 artificial intelligence video sensors at 47 points in the town, which will be connected in real time with the Data Centre.

“Once again, new technologies will help us to improve the quality of life of all Fuengiroleños and visitors,” said the Mayor.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Kevin Fraser

Quelle/Source: Euro Weekly News, 07.11.2023

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