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The Vermont Agency of Transportation has recently launched online applications for women and minority residents of Vermont interested in obtaining training programs, employment opportunities, and support services in highway construction.

Employment Diversity in Highway Construction (EDHC) provides several programs to assist Vermont residents in workforce training and job placement. The new online format allows applicants to submit applications from their home computer or smartphone for On the Job Training, Commercial Driver Training Funding, and Highway Construction Training Subsidies.

“The new online applications for the EDHC programs provide Vermont residents with increased access to these important employment diversity services and allow the Agency of Transportation to more quickly receive and process applications to better connect applicants with potential employment services,” says Beth Meyer-Ehrich, Civil Rights Program Manager with the Agency of Transportation.

Currently, the Agency of Transportation receives approximately 100 paper-based applications for EDHC programs each year, a number it hopes to see increase as online access makes the application process quicker for Vermont residents. The forms were developed in conjunction with Vermont Information Consortium, LLC, a digital government services partner with the State of Vermont.

Each of the online applications for the EDHC programs can be found on the website for the Agency of Transportation.

About Vermont Information Consortium

Vermont Information Consortium (http://www.Vermont.gov) is the official eGovernment partner for the State of Vermont. Managed through a unique public-private partnership, the Montpelier company builds and manages interactive government services on behalf of the state and is a wholly owned subsidiary of eGovernment firm NIC (NASDAQ: EGOV).


Autor(en)/Author(s): Kim Cuciti

Quelle/Source: Business Wire, 26.09.2018

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