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IoT solutions will expand community wi-fi and smart city solutions will be used to address critical issues and help make San José one of the most innovative cities in Silicon Valley.

The city of San José is extending its partnership with AT&T to help close the digital divide and use smart city solutions to help address some of the critical issues facing the community.

The collaboration, which has a total deal value of more than one million dollars, will see AT&T donate $200,000 to help local community organisations tackle the digital divide. Seniors, youth, and under-represented groups will benefit from resources, including digital literacy training and access to devices.

Solutions to be implemented

In addition, AT&T is deploying smart city solutions across 14 parks in San José. The Internet of Things (IoT) technology will help improve lighting quality, expand public safety capabilities, and reduce energy usage across the city.

The solutions will include:

  • 670 smart lighting controllers and 550 LEDs that will help improve lighting quality, reduce energy costs and decrease environmental impacts
  • More than 100 wi-fi extenders to provide public wi-fi connectivity
  • 15 digital infrastructure nodes that will help improve public safety.

“Our public-private partnership with AT&T offers another example of how San José is working collaboratively with companies to improve our community and solve problems with technology,” said Sam Liccardo, mayor of San José.

According to AT&T, the collaboration represents one of the many ways cities can utilise new and emerging technologies to create smarter, safer and more sustainable communities.

“By taking a programmatic approach to smart cities deployments, cities can truly optimise their investments in technology,” added Michael Zeto, vice president and general manager of smart cities, AT&T.

“Together we’re working to close the digital divide, improve lighting and public safety in our parks, and minimise our environmental impact along the way”

“Our smart lighting controllers will help San José reduce energy usage and improve efficiencies across the city – a win for the community and the environment.”

To further help support the San José community and public safety, FirstNet band 14 spectrum has been deployed in the area. FirstNet – built with AT&T and the First Responder Network Authority – is a nationwide communications platform dedicated to public safety.

AT&T reports it has long been committed to investing in San José and California and using the IoT for good. From 2015 to 2017, AT&T claims it has contributed more than $45.8m through giving programmes across the state.


Quelle/Source: Smart Cities World, 15.05.2019

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