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SenSen Networks AI-based technology will initially be used to automate the enforcement of hundreds of bylaws associated with regulating traffic and parking on city streets.

The City of Las Vegas has awarded a $1.5m tender to Australian artificial intelligence (AI) solutions provider SenSen Networks to provide a range of intelligent transportation and smart city solutions.

In a statement, SenSen said its technology will be used to assist the city of Las Vegas in keeping roads safe and congestion-free by automating the enforcement of hundreds of bylaws associated with regulating traffic and parking on city streets.

Parking enforcement units

Due to be rolled out later this year, the deployment will include two SenForce mobile parking enforcement units and 80 of its Gemineye mobile units, an AI-powered smartphone app.

Using SenForce, a parking officer drives a vehicle fitted with the SenSen system with all zones and parking rules (time and permit based) preloaded with automatic synchronisation with SenSen’s cloud-hosted back-office software SenBOS.

The solution includes a weather-proof Thule luggage box mounted on roof racks capable being switched from one vehicle to other in less than 10 minutes.

This is equipped with a centimetre-accurate GPS system which tracks the location of both enforcement and violating vehicles. Parking zones are loaded into SenBOS as KML files generated using mapping/GIS software such as Google Earth.

Gemineye can be deployed across enforcement vehicles and car parks, as well as Segways, Go4 scooters and city officers. It has been designed to provide cities with an affordable civic compliance, asset management, traffic data collection and analysis tools.

“Las Vegas is a flagship US city and SenSen is excited to be providing its world-leading AI and video analytics expertise in improving the amenity of the city’s citizens by helping reduce traffic congestion and efficiently manage its parking,” said SenSen CEO, Dr Subhash Challa,

The contract marks the first commercial roll-out of SenSen technology with a flagship US city customer, while the 80 Gemineye units to be deployed as part of the contract is the largest commercial implementation with a single SenSen customer to date.


Quelle/Source: SmartCitiesWorld, 20.04.2020

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