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Miami Beach is one of the fastest growing cities in South Florida, serving as a scenically beautiful home for businesses, hotels, museums, and over 90,000 residents. As Miami Beach grows, it’s essential that the city has the telecommunications network infrastructure necessary to keep pace with a rapidly changing world, one that is increasingly reliant on wireless access and Wi-Fi functionality.

In order to future proof the city for any advancements that may come, Miami Beach needed the ability to provide high bandwidth telecommunications services to its residents, with fiber optic infrastructure that would allow for future Smart City integrations.

To accomplish this, Miami Beach looked for a partner that not only had the capabilities and experience with fiber optic cable installation necessary to work with both terrestrial and subaqueous crossing, as well as one that appreciated the unique needs of the Miami Beach community.

Through working with the City Public Works Department of Miami Beach, city engineers, and city staff in order to ensure that all construction work and installations were performed in accordance with city rules, codes and regulations, Hotwire Communications has proven itself to be the committed and dedicated partner the City of Miami Beach and its residents need.

With 20 years of experience in fiber optic infrastructure and offering a full suite of telecommunications services, Hotwire Communications has proudly served communities in South Florida since 2000 and has been independently recognized by numerous organizations and outlets.

Within the past two years Hotwire has been named by PC Magazine as their 2020 “Fastest ISP in the Southeast United States” and “Fastest Business ISP in the United States,” was consistently ranked as Netflix’s fastest ISP in the World for 17 consecutive months and Fastest ISP in the United States for 29 straight months, was the recipient of the National Cable Television Cooperative’s “Innovator Award” for its concierge-style customer service, and was named Cablefax’s “Independent Operator of the Year” in their ranking of the Top Ops of 2020.

Hotwire Communications has helped to transform Miami Beach into a bona fide Smart City, installing more than 20 miles of underground conduit, in addition to more than 3,800 miles of fiber optic cable. The work encompassed a varied combination of project scopes, including trenching, aerial, HHD and bridge attachment construction for telecommunications, and fiber optic installation services.

Enabled by a highly durable, future-proof, and robust fiber optic infrastructure, Miami Beach now has the capability to implement a range of Smart City solutions, including public access Wi-Fi, providing residents and tourists with a fast and reliable Internet connection no matter where they are, as well as smart lighting, which will enable the City to lower energy costs and reduce its carbon footprint, and traffic sensors which will allow for safe management of vehicular and foot traffic.

To learn more about the services that Hotwire Communications offers, feel free to call 786-577-3265 or send an email to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.


Quelle/Source: Miami's Community Newspapers, 25.01.2021

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