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Montag, 27.09.2021
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Ekin Spotter designed to withstand the city's hurricane force winds

Ekin has deployed an artificial intelligence (AI) powered smart city pole with traffic and air quality sensors in the Florida city of Coral Gables.

The company says Ekin Spotter gives public sector agencies and law enforcement providers data analysis capabilities to improve city planning and traffic.

Peter Iglesias, Coral Gables city manager, says the smart pole will assist emergency management in creating a safer community for residents, business owners and visitors.

“The Ekin Spotter is providing live video and real-time analytics to the Community Intelligence Center (CIC) and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC),” he continues.

“The Spotter has also been integrated to the City’s Urban Analytics artificial intelligence platform, which provides sensor data and actionable information to citizens and city employees on the smart city hub platform www.coralgables.com/smartcity.”

The company says its smart city solutions use AI and high-resolution video sensors to turn everyday cities into smart cities, including the analysis of traffic patterns and rush hour congestion points to improve traffic flow and prevent accidents.

According to Ekin, smart city environmental analysis inputs include air quality, temperature, humidity and carbon monoxide. Video monitoring includes multi-modal traffic analysis, parking management, red light enforcement and speed detection.

Ekin founder Akif Ekin says: “Our commitment to flexible design helped ensure that we met the city’s needs, including withstanding hurricane force winds and fitting within the aesthetics of the city centre. Together, we are helping make Coral Gables a safer, more enjoyable place to live – with a focus on environmental impacts, traffic improvements, and public safety.”

Local governments can customise each device and collect and analyse the data needed to make informed policy changes to promote a safer environment, the company adds.

Municipalities can centrally manage all the data collected by Ekin's products citywide by using the company's Red Eagle software solution.

Ekin Spotter will be installed on the western median of Alhambra Circle and Ponce in the downtown area.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Ben Spencer

Quelle/Source: ITS International, 10.08.2021

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