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It follows launch of the City Manager’s Performance Dashboard one year ago that displays more than 130 key metrics to provide a holistic view of its operations.

The City of Phoenix has announced it is seeking feedback from those who live and work in the city to help enhance its performance dashboard platform and help advancement of open data.

The dashboard was introduced one year ago to serve as a transparent online tool to provide easy-to-access information about the City’s successes and benchmarks.

City operations

Phoenix’s city manager Jeff Barton reports the “modern and efficient” dashboard displays more than 130 key performance metrics across 28 City functions, to provide a holistic view of the performance of City operations.

“I value the feedback of our residents and I look forward to hearing how we can enhance the dashboard,” said Barton. “I am committed to meeting the goals of our city and working with our residents to continually provide information that is in their best interest, and as important, showing areas where we need to improve to meet our strategic goals.”

In the past year, the dashboard has received 6,322 unique visitors and a total of 33,386 page views. Approximately 44 per cent come from Phoenix with the majority of the others from California, Washington DC and New York. Visitors from countries including Canada, Germany, the UK, Portugal and Saudi Arabia also engaged with the dashboard.

The City Manager’s Performance Dashboard Enhancement survey is designed to help Phoenix collect information related to the user experience.

The goal is to receive feedback from both internal and external stakeholders to better understand what is working well and, in the spirit of continuous improvements, to identify potential enhancements for the next iteration of the dashboard.

The dashboard received national attention for its innovative approach to engaging the community in a citywide data and performance initiative, including being featured as a “Borrow this Idea” in Bloomberg Philanthropies Spark news distributed to City Halls around the world. The dashboard was also named a finalist at the IDC Smart Cities North America Awards event in Denver earlier this year.


Quelle/Source: Smart Cities World, 01.09.2023

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