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Donnerstag, 21.02.2019
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The Mobile Information Service (Mobis) application by Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL) will be upgraded with the ability to allow assesment payments.

“All they have to do is log in to their account and pay the assessments via a credit or debit card.

“Last year, the collection of assessments hit more than 90% and this was not easy (to achieve),” said KL mayor Tan Sri Mohd Amin Nordin Abd Aziz to the Star.

For now, the app can used to pay for summonses, and access hotline numbers and payment counters.

Amin Nordin said the feature would be available on the app within the next few months.

The app is DBKL's effort towards improving efficiency and convenience for the people, by incorporating Smart City Technology in Kuala Lumpur.

Speaking to the Star at the CityNet Infrastructure cluster meeting, DBKL planning executive director Datuk Mahadi Che Ngah said the meeting encompassed infrastructure improvement and Smart City Technology.

Kuala Lumpur became part of CityNet in 1990 and is the vice-president 1 of CityNet and co-lead for Infrastructure Clusters, reported the daily.

There exists four clusters, including Sustainable Development Growth, Climate Change, and Global Warming and Disaster.

South Korea is also a part of the cluster group.

“Seoul is advanced in using the Smart City Technology and it has a lot of mobile phone applications and e-wallet for easy payment.

“We are also looking into encouraging people to use public transport and hope to address urban challenges faced my different cities,” said Mahadi, according to the Star.

CityNet was established in 1987, and currently includes 120 municipalities, non-governmental organisations, private companies and research centres.

Urban regeneration projects by DBKL, like River of Life and tourist spot laneway refurbishments could serve as en example to other countries, said Mahadi.


Quelle/Source: EdgeProp, 26.07.2018

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