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Freitag, 10.07.2020
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MYEG Services Bhd (MYEG) which offers car insurance renewal and other e-government services officially unveiled its one-stop portal for COVID-19 screening.

This one-stop portal serves to accelerate the testing of workers in Malaysia and schedule COVID-19 screening for their workforce in conjunction with the Social Security Organisation’s (“SOCSO”) Prihatin Screening Programme.

In line with an announcement, employers are eligible under the programme to receive a subsidy of RM150 for each screening carried out on workers who are SOCSO contributors. For workers who are non-contributors and not eligible for subsidy, screening can also be set-up through MYEG’s one-stop portal at a cost of RM150 per test.

Through a partnership with a panel of approved clinics, MYEG will arrange for screening to be conducted on-site at employers’ premises by trained medical practitioners adhering fully to Ministry of Health guidelines. Upon completion of the screening, workers will be issued a QR code-based digital certificate on a mobile application by MYEG which will serve as proof of testing recognised by the Ministry of Human Resources.

In addition, relevant data from the one-stop portal on the screening of workers will be provided to the Ministry to enable its monitoring and enforcement activities to be carried out more effectively.

In this connection, employers whose workforce have already undergone testing are encouraged to voluntarily declare their status on the portal to ensure the Ministry can be updated accordingly. Employers can visit MYEG’s website http://www.myeg.com.my to register or for further information on the service.

MyEG recently claimed that its Covid-19 rapid test kit can generate results on the spot within minutes, without having to send the samples to external diagnostic laboratories. Developed by an unnamed Chinese biomedical company, the company said the test kit enables early detection of the Covid-19 virus by detecting the presence of antibodies from blood samples which are taken through finger-pricking.

The company claimed following the approval by health authorities in China and Europe, where they are already being used widely, the test kit has been qualified for emergency use by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), paving the way for the sale of the kits in the US.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Gana Prakash

Quelle/Source: Citizen Journalist Malaysia, 08.06.2020

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