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Mittwoch, 30.09.2020
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The concept of smart city, green city and sports city will drive Putrajaya's vision for the next five years, said Perbadanan Putrajaya (PPj) president Datuk Dr Aminuddin Hassim.

"The previous development was more on physical and infrastructural development (as an administrative centre) but now the focus is more on filling the gaps," he told Bernama recently.

To realise our goal in becoming a smart city, PPj has launched the Putrajaya Smart City Blueprint 2018-2025 which among others emphasises on smart building elements, safety and security, as well as e-mobility, he said.

"Thirty-two per cent of the guidelines in this blueprint have been successfully achieved so far and the balance can be achieved by 2025," he said.

On the concept of a green city that emphasises environmental sustainability, Aminuddin said 70 buildings in Putrajaya are now being monitored for their carbon emissions, while buildings to be developed are required to incorporate energy-saving elements or green concepts.

As for the sports city, Aminuddin said it was to meet the demand for sports and leisure facilities because many residents from outside Putrajaya come here for those purposes.

According to him, 'Football City' will be developed in Precinct 5 which is expected to be completed in 2023 and will house the Football Association of Malaysia, Asian Football Confederation and Asean Football Federation, while the National Rugby Stadium to be built in Precinct 13 is expected to be ready in 2022.


Quelle/Source: Edge Prop, 01.09.2020

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