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The National Smart City Council (MBPN) meeting today approved the proposed Malaysian Smart City Rating, introduced for the first time via PLANMalaysia, as part of the Malaysian Smart City Framework 2019-2025 implementation.

In a statement, the Housing and Local Government Ministry (KPKT) said the rating aims to recognise the role of local authorities (PBT), which have implemented the smart city initiative following the Smart City Indicator Standard MS ISO 37122:2019.

“This international standard is based on best practices adapted to the Malaysian context,” read the statement.

According to KPKT, Malaysia’s Smart City Rating programme generally consists of four stages: Smart City Early Adopter, Developing Smart City, Leading Smart City, and Visionary Smart City.

For the 2023 programme, the rating will start with the initial stage — Smart City Early Adopter voluntarily, especially for local authorities already prepared with the set criteria.

KPKT aims to reach at least 61 PBTs at the Municipal Council level and above to achieve the Smart City Early Adopter status in 2025.

“The local authorities which have successfully achieved the Level 1- Smart City Early Adopter status will be announced by KPKT Minister Nga Kor Ming on November 9, 2023, in conjunction with the World Urban Planning Day 2023 celebration in Putrajaya,” read the statement.

In addition, local authorities which obtain the status of smart city will be given priority to receive allocations to implement smart city initiatives, which can help them improve to up to the highest level, which is Visionary Smart City.

“The smart city rating will be implemented annually to allow local authorities nationwide,” according to KPKT.

The MBPN meeting was chaired by Nga at the Parliament Building this morning.

MBPN is a platform for setting the policy and strategic direction of smart city development in Malaysia. It is a medium for discussion and resolution of issues, coordination, and monitoring of its development in Malaysia.


Quelle/Source: Bernama, 10.10.2023

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