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Freitag, 19.07.2024
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The strategic collaboration between HeiTech Padu Berhad (HTP) and Kulim Kedah Municipal Council (MPKK) is set to propel the district’s development, paving the way for it to evolve into a smart city.

HTP Group chief executive officer, Salmi Nadia Mohd Hilmey emphasised the significance of the collaboration with MPKK, highlighting that it signifies the joint commitment to creating a sustainable smart city through innovation, utilisation of cutting-edge technology, and the preservation of the environment.

“This collaboration will focus on the seven main components listed in Malaysia’s Smart City Framework, which are, Smart Economy, Smart Life, Smart Environment, Smart Population, Smart Government, Smart Mobility, and Smart Digital Infrastructure.

“MPKK has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of urban planning while HTP is the IT expert with experience in the development of smart solutions. Each organisation has its strengths and advantages,” he said at the signing ceremony of the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between MPKK and HTP in Kulim Inn, here today.

Also present were MPKK chairman, Datuk Elmi Yusoff; Kulim District Officer, Mohd Zaini Ramli and state Human Resources, Chinese, Indian, Siamese and Non-Governmental Organisation Committee chairman Wong Chia Zhen.

Salmi Nadia also expressed confidence that the combined expertise of both parties would be able to form a more robust and effective task force team.

“As the technology partner, we are committed to assisting MPKK in identifying and proposing relevant smart solutions for integration into its existing operations and services in addition to providing advice on the latest technology trends.

“Drawing from our successful implementation of Kulim Smart Parking and a thorough understanding of MPKK’s current needs and aspirations, I am confident that HTP will significantly contribute to this partnership,” she said.

She said HTP has developed smart solutions for the public and private sectors in line with the changing business landscape and the current global digitalisation trend.

“Over the last five years, we have proactively created smart solutions to enhance tax and rent collection processes for local authorities, establish effective and efficient communication channels, streamline counter service operations, enhance the delivery of bills and statements, and boost the tourism sector in their respective states.

“Several smart solutions such as the Smart Parking Solutions and Smart Applications for Local Authorities are being adopted by several Local Authorities throughout the country to date,” she added.

Elmi highlighted that the collaboration between MPKK and HTP would leverage each other’s expertise, fostering cooperation in devising the optimal strategy for implementing a smart city to ensure that MPKK effectively addresses the community’s needs in Kulim.

“We anticipate many changes within these five years and we will also begin to implement the seven main components of the smart city framework throughout Kulim.

“Kulim will evolve as technology advances. However, achieving the status of a fully smart city might take some time, perhaps around 10 to 15 more years, he added.


Quelle/Source: malay mail, 04.02.2024

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