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Montag, 28.05.2018
eGovernment Forschung | eGovernment Research 2001 - 2018

The Hyderabad City Police honored with a prestigious national award for implementing the mobile app Hawk Eye on e-governance 2016-17 under the category of advanced use of mobile technology.

Hyderabad City Police’s Hawk Eye offers a bunch of services to the citizens including emergency help like woman’s safety while traveling, an alert button for accessing help in emergencies, a feature for people to report crimes like violation of traffic rules, the crime against women among others.

There is also another feature which is if any police official misbehaves with people and violating rules, then you have to report it.

Responding to this, Hyderabad City Police Commissioner M. Mahendar Reddy said 3.25 lakh users had downloaded the app. There has been a remarkable response from citizens for this mobile app, and the award will be presented at the 20th national conference on e-governance at Vizag on January 1.

Not only this award, Hawk Eye App Bagged Many Awards Earlier. Here is the list of individual awards acquired by the Hawk-Eye which was developed by Hyderabad Police.

  • Digital Telangana Award 2015-Best App for Citizen Engagement
  • CSI-Nihilent 2015- E-Governance Award
  • Skoch Summit 2016-Smart Governance Award
  • Express IT Award 2015- Runner-Up in Digital Citizen Services Award
  • Digital Empowerment Foundation 2016-Social App Title Winner
  • m-Billion 2016- Award for Government and Citizens Engagement
  • Security Watch India- 2016: Innovative Use of Technology for Public Safety and Security

The main objective of this Hawk Eye mobile app is to empower the public and reduce risk factors. Its unique features include woman safety while on travel and a special alert button for pursuing help in emergencies.

The app also consists of safety features like reporting lost goods, traffic violations, reporting criminal activities, registration of servant, mentioning mobile numbers of higher police officials.


Quelle/Source: Tech Facts Live, 27.12.2016

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