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Montag, 28.05.2018
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The district administration is all set to be conferred with the National e-Governance Award for the project G-Triangulation at the two day 20th National Conference. The conference will begin in Visakhapatnam on January 9.

G-Triangulation, the project, aimed at providing complete spatial referencing of the land holdings across the district and further validating the land holding details in Manesar. "No other state has done so many experiments in used records management. The revenue estate of Manesar.was taken up as a pilot for implementation of the project. The revenue records of 14 out of 37 villages were fully processed. The results have shown remarkable consistency in moving to a system for adoption of the method of conclusive titles," said an official.

Triangulation is a simple concept where at least three points are necessary to identify an area and hence 35 points of Survey of India were used to create infinite number of references.


Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 08.01.2017

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