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eGovernment Forschung | eGovernment Research 2001 - 2018

What is the present status of IT sector in AP?

Andhra Pradesh is better in IT and IT enabled sectors compared with other states. It has set a target of developing financial technology, IT, electronics and hardware technology. Simultaneously, we are going to make the state run on e-governance. We selected Vizag as hub for financial technology, Vijayawada for IT and IT enabled services and Tirupati for hardware and electronics.

What is happening in Vizag? We have signed several MoUs to develop financial technology in Vizag. Many companies are coming forward. We require university collaboration, centre for excellence, manpower and industries. At present, we are looking at creating the infrastructure.

How long does it take to see development in IT and allied sectors?

It takes time. We are interacting with startups. The government is focussing on advance technology like data availability, blockchain technology and cyber security. It is not just focussing on establishing BPOs. Hence this will take time to grow.

What is the IT sector's turnover?

In the year 2013-14, IT sector earned Rs 1,629 crore. In 2014-15, it was Rs 1,850 crore, while in 2015-16, its was Rs 2,450 crore. In 2016-17 earnings grew to Rs 5,300 crore. 369 IT companies are working in the state with 35,934 employees. Earlier, IT was only in Hyderabad, but now we are focussing on developing the sector in Vizag, Vijayawada and Tirupati.

What is the latest development?

Some electronic companies will set up shop by the end of this month while some have already started operations in Tirupati.

Any suggestions for budding IT aspirants?

In the future, IT will be more knowledge-based and automation is the new subject of importance.

How is the power position in AP?

We have surplus power to distribute among domestic, industrial and agriculture consumers. In March, till date, nearly 165 million units (MU) or 7,200 megawatts (MW) of power has been consumed in the state. We are expecting this consumption to increase to 180 MU in May. We can supply more than 180 MU if needed. Power generation and availability from all thermal and hydel plants are good.

Why are the power tariffs being increased despite surplus power in the state?

There is no link between surplus power and increase in power tariff charges. Many components determine the power tariffs. Some of these include transmission charges and wage revisions of the employees in the sector. The government conducts a public hearing through a third party agency and takes a decision to change the power tariff. It happens every year. This year the public hearing was held in Vizianagaram.

What is the position with regard to cashless transactions?

We have 1 lakh biometric devices of which we have distributed 26,000 to fair price shops and medical shops across the state. We have not stopped our efforts to make the state achieve 100% in cashless transactions. We are also taking feedback from locals and stakeholders.

How much cashless transaction has the state achieved?

The state had achieved around 40% cashless transactions during the demonetisation drive. This is a big and sudden jump from 10%.


Autor(en)/Author(s): V Kamalakara Rao

Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 12.03.2017

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