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Montag, 18.06.2018
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Lost your important documents and now staring at the prospect of a long haul running from pillar to post to get the duplicates made? Fret not.

Come September 1, you will have the option of lodging a complaint online and following up on the status at the click of a mouse.

At the initial stage, you can lodge complaints about lost passport, vehicle registration certificate, driving license, school/college certificate and ID card among others through the Lost Document Report portal on the official website of the Tamil Nadu Police Department.

While a hassle-free complaint and redress mechanism was a long-standing demand of common man, the final push came through the State police under the e-Governance drive.

Through the Lost Document Portal, you can register online complaints, track their status online, lodge complaints/FIR/ CSR, track involvement of a vehicle in crime, view FIR and missing persons photos and unidentified bodies on the official website.

A senior official said that through this online facility, any citizen could report the loss of documents and obtain a ‘Lost Document Report’ (LDR) without any delay. This would enable citizens to apply for a duplicate at the department concerned. Giving an insight into the nitty-gritty of the LDR, the official said that each report would have a unique identification number.

“However, the genuineness of the complaint would be verified by the department concerned. No enquiry or an investigation would be conducted by the police,” he added.

File a complaint

Applicant has to upload a valid government-issued photo ID while lodging a complaint. The facility could be used for reporting loss of documents


Quelle/Source: The New Indian Express, 30.08.2017

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