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Gone are the days when a complainant had to run from pillar to post, or from police station to police station, to file a lost document report (LDR) and then wait for another two weeks to get a copy of the complaint. Now, in two minutes, a complainant can file his grievance and get its copy which could then be used to procure a new set of documents.

Online LDR has been a hit across Tamil Nadu with 84,000 people using CCTNS to file complaints ever since the State Crime Record Bureau launched the service on August 30. However, SCRB officials said documents pertaining to road accidents and first information reports (FIR) have had very few takers with only 1,432 people using the service to access them. Those involved in a road accident can download investigation material uploaded by the police from the portal www.tnpolice.gov.in.

"We didn't expect the sudden surge of people availing the facility. Now, we are trying to create mediums to propagate other online facilities," said SCRB director Seema Agarwal.

Agarwal said citizens can view and download FIR, check CSR and FIR status, vehicle status, file online complaints among others. "We have introduced all these provisions as a part of e-governance and transparency in the administration," the officer said.

Lauding the initiative, Masthan V, a software engineer, said, "This is what we actually want. I lost my identity card two weeks ago. My office asked for a copy of the FIR. I accessed the CCTNS and everything was completed within two minutes."

To create awareness about the online facility, SCRB officials have conducted separate meetings for 10,678 officials of the government-run e-service centres. An awareness meeting was held at the Madras high court campus on Monday. A team of SCRB officials led by the additional deputy superintendent of police Sri Devi and deputy superintendent of police M Raj Kumar informed lawyers about how easy access to the FIR and other documents online for road accident cases can help a victim's family get compensation at the earliest.

"We perform mock drills to check if the facilities are up and running. Sometimes, we ask our friends to check and give us feedback. This helps us rectify the glitches if any," said another police officer.

The officer said photocopying centres are charging people in rural areas, who do not have access to the portal, around Rs 300 to download documents. "All these people can avail the facility at the government's e-service centres at the collectorates," he said.

An SCRB officer said several police officers and collectors have suggested setting up of e-service centres at collectorates, and offices of district superintendents and commissioners, so that the general public approaching these offices with grievances can avail the facility. "We are working on this and will decide soon," the officer said.


Autor(en)/Author(s): A Selvaraj

Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 23.11.2017

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