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The interactive study tool developed by CloudEdz can be accessed via a web portal and an app that needs one-time internet connectivity

The Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education along with Hyderabad-based CloudEdz has launched a ‘Digital Study Kit’ (DiSK) for the benefit of intermediate students in the state. DiSK is a first of its kind application launched by any education board in India. DiSK is available through a web portal and an app which is designed to work without internet. “DiSK is an interactive study tool for students and it comprises text books, study material, video lessons, assessments and multiple-choice questions that will help students prepare for regular and competitive examinations. DiSK is aimed to be a one-stop solution for all needs of intermediate students. This app is offered free of cost to government college students and at a nominal fee of Rs 325 per year for other students,’’ said Y Sumanth Rao, CEO, CloudEdz.

“Digital education is a priority for the Telangana government. This initiative will help students get access to quality learning and at the same time help them prepare for competitive exams at a national level. DiSK will also cut down costs associated with buying of books for competitive exam preparation,” Kadiyam Srihari, deputy chief minister and education minister, Telangana government said. “DiSK is a step forward in providing quality education and an app like this will enable access to quick and quality content for students to compete at a national level. DiSK is a part of our larger vision for Digital Telangana, we are one of the first states to offer digital education to students at all levels.”

This initiative is expected to help make government colleges be on par with the private colleges. Particularly in remote areas where internet connectivity is minimal, this app also works without internet with a one-time download of the application. Once downloaded, the app is ready to be used without requiring further net connectivity. According to A Ashok, secretary, Board of Intermediate Education, DiSK is an application exclusively developed for the intermediate students of Telangana, and all the study material in DiSK has been certified by experts from Board of Intermediate Education. CloudEdz is the partner in developing DiSK for the state government. This e-learning initiative would help students perform better at all competitive forums. “Our objective while building this application was to ensure the app is simple and intuitive. The application aims to create a student centric learning environment that will help them perform better,” Sumanth Rao added.


Autor(en)/Author(s): BV Mahalakshmi

Quelle/Source: The Financial Express, 23.11.2017

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