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Mittwoch, 19.12.2018
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Will provide IT-enabled govt. services

Fair price shops in the district will double up as citizens service centres to provide IT-enabled government services to the public within three months.

As a step in this direction, authorities have instructed fair price depots to switch to biometric authentication system. Deputy Director of Food and Civil Supplies K.S. Rameshwarappa on Friday said there are 1,031 fair price shops in the district of which 917 were converted to Point-of-Sale fair price shops in February. The remaining must upgrade by March 31.

“Those lacking the resources to upgrade will be provided free laptop, printer and biometric authentication devices from the CSC E-Governance Services India Ltd., which will also provide free technical assistance and service for three years. Shopowners who get Rs. 87 per quintal of ration distributed as their profit, will transfer Rs. 17 to the CSC-e-Governance India Ltd. as a fee,” Mr. Rameshwarappa said. Deputy Commissioner D. Randeep distributed free laptops and other devices to five tribals who have PDS shops, on Friday.


Quelle/Source: The Hindu, 03.03.2018

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