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Locating a house by its address in Greater Hyderabad or any other city or town in the state is a herculean task, for the house numbers are mostly not in a serial order.To overcome this problem, the director of municipal administration has decided to adopt Digital Door Numbering (DDN) : A digitally-enabled street and door numbering system in areas governed by 72 urban local bodies, including GHMC, is on the anvil.

The project will be implemented with loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). The Telangana Municipal Development Project (TMDP) a wing of DMA, has invited expression of interest for providing services to design, develop and implement the Unique Smart Addressing Solution for Urban Dwellings (USASUD) for 72 ULBs and also provide the necessary application for integration into e-governance modules.

The aim of the project is to provide a digital-friendly and future-proof address system to all citizens to provide faster and better access to services from the government and private sectors. Once the project is completed, every household in areas under the 72 ULBs will have a unique DDNs. The DDN aims to create a uniform address system for all urban dwellings, using the latest geo-spatial and cloud computing technologies and combining them with standard methodologies in street address and door numbering.The project will create a common addressing infrastructure across the state and leverage the same for effective governance at the household level.

The government has decided to build this as a state-of-the-art project by improving upon the inadequacies of the implementations elsewhere in the world. For example, a house in Punjagutta has a typical number, 6-3-1195/8/34/2A and it is a non-standard and inadequate address. It doesn’t mention the street name or a landmark or a postal code. The current system has several anomalies like inconsistent format of addressing within the city limits, street, road, building, dwelling relations are hard to establish, breakage in sequence due to rapid growth, no consideration for future development of new areas or new roads, streets. missing digital linkage for the digital age.

With an Aadhaar card for every household and the successful completion of property assessment survey in 72ULB areas in which every house was surveyed and geo-tagged, the plan now is to formalise this geo-tagging number into a usable scientific door numbering system that creates a standard format across the state. The benefits of USASUD are immediate and long term as well, impacting communication.


Autor(en)/Author(s): S Bachan Jeet Singh

Quelle/Source: The New Indian Express, 03.03.2018

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