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Donnerstag, 21.02.2019
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The revenue department intends to bring more government services online through the Goa e-District portal over the next six months, said revenue minister Rohan Khaunte on Wednesday. Speaking at the ministerial block in the Assembly complex, Khaunte announced that nearly 1.5 lakh certificates had been issued online, while 5321 partition applications had been issued.

The minister was speaking after announcing that the North Goa collectorate had received the Skock order of Merit award 2018 and the Skoch Gold Award 2018 for the E-Revenue e-governance platform which serves as a single window system for citizens.

This is the third national level award won by the North Goa collectorate.

“Availing of more government services from the doorsteps and online through IT-enabled systems will be launched in the coming six months, which will make it much more simpler for citizens to avail of government services,” Khaunte said.

Approximately 250 online nominations were invited from government departments across the country, and all the nominations were screened by the Skoch advisory committee which then shortlisted the best nominations in each category.

“This initiative that the North Goa collector has taken, has been recognized by the award and it takes the state forward. There were 250 entries and from those to get an award and to get a gold is a commendable achievement,” the minister said.

The Goa Online e-district programme allows citizens to apply for caste, income, residence, divergence, partition of land, conversion of land, mutation and other certificates online.

The online facility also gives users the ability to track the status of their application.


Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 28.06.2018

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