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BMTC has started a feedback system, where commuters can rate their experiences on an app or by dialling a specific number code.

In partnership with the e-governance department, Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation has started a system of digital feedback from commuters so they can rate the bus crew and service.

“Commuters can download the Karnataka Mobile One app, click on transport and BMTC to give feedback. This requires a log-in, so we also added a faster system of dialling 161 to provide feedback. This will direct you to a web link where the commuter can rate the bus condition and crew,” says Managing director of BMTC, Ponnuraj He adds, “The cleanliness of the bus floor, seat, windows and doors can be rated along with the behaviour of the conductor, reckless or rash driving by the driver and whether commuters are receiving satisfactory responses when they ask the crew queries. There is a one-five rating system for the staff.” Should someone from the staff get a poor rating regularly, the corporation will identify the issue and bring them on track.

“The idea is to have a system-change and not suspend them for poor performance. They will be taken for training to improve their customer service. This is so that issues can be resolved before passengers file a complaint. This feedback will go into the performance evaluation record of each staff member,” the IAS officer says, adding that the impact will be seen in the long-run, as the corporation has 34,000 employees. Damage to seat covers, body parts of the bus and unusual noise from the machinery can also be rated by commuters in Kannada and English. It has been around for a month since this feedback service was started, and the director points out that slow improvement can already be seen in depots 31 and 32, where drivers themselves are cleaning the buses on a daily basis.

Regular bus commuter Namratha Nayak says, “While guidance from conductors is good, I often find that the driver is rash while driving. In Volvo buses, many a time, the AC service will not be working. Other times, the AC vent will remain open and there is no way to regulate the temperature or switch it off.” She travels from Marathahalli to Hebbal often, and has had days when she waited for an hour for the bus to arrive. “While I am waiting for the bus at Marathahalli, they are sometimes diverted. Instead of going to Hebbal, the drivers change the destination and head towards ITPL or Vydehi hospital. I don't understand this strategy,” she complains

As for the feedback system that is in place now, Namratha opines, “It will definitely be helpful, especially for the IT crowd. Several of them have come to depend on buses. However, this system will only work if the feedback for crew and services are tracked. BMTC needs to take the commuter's responses seriously and work on it.”

Complaints commuters can raise:

  • Bus not stopping at designated point, trip missed
  • Delay in departure,irregular operation,route deviation
  • Assault or sexual harassment
  • Pathetic seats
  • Issues with tickets, bus pass, bus stand, vehicle, AC service, website, app, checking and smart cards
  • Accidents or breakdown
  • Enquiries on bus route, pass, timings, fares
  • Change due
  • Emission of smoke
  • Policy matters
  • Insufficient information
  • Jumping signals
  • Mobile use while driving


Autor(en)/Author(s): Ranjani Madhavan

Quelle/Source: The New Indian Express, 16.08.2018

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