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Samstag, 20.07.2019
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To provide skilled training to senior citizens, parents, etc, on use of smart phones and other IT-enabled facilities

The State government has decided to train its workforce in the digital sector with an aim to upgrade their knowledge to ensure proper service is provided to the people. An annual digital skilling programme across emerging technologies will be launched from next month.

The government also intends to provide skilled training to senior citizens, parents, etc. on use of smart phones and other IT-enabled facilities.

Information and Technology Minister Rohan Khaunte on Thursday said, “Skilling is continuous process and within changing technologies, we have to ensure that our people are skilled enough to handle the digital ecosystem.”

“From next month we are starting with digital skilling programme, not just for our youth or particular section but the major focus approach would be the government servants, who are working and facing the people every day,” he said.

Khaunte said that those officers who are working in computer sections or using computers and other IT services in their daily functioning will be provided with skilled training across various new-age technologies.

“From next month we are starting such programme in Panjim and Margao and will ensure that they go through this skilling programme every year,” he said, adding ‘the aim is to upgrade their knowledge and ensure they provide proper services to the people’.

The minister said, “When we launch e-governance model, it becomes our duty to provide proper backup to the system to ensure its effective implementation. If the officers are not able to give the service due to incapability then the whole purpose vision of the government to deliver services on time gets lost”.

Khaunte said that government will provide skilled training to the senior citizens and parents living alone, on use of smart phone.


Quelle/Source: Oherald, 07.09.2018

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