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Punishing stop light violators and managing traffic at 159 busy junctions of the city is set to get automated with corporation getting a nod to implement Red Light Violation Detection (RVLD) system by installing Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras under Smart City.

The ANPR cameras will be powered by Optical Character Recognition technology to read the number plates of violating vehicles. The system will automatically generate challan for payment of a fine which will be sent to the violator.

The project will be executed under the intelligent traffic management system (ITMS) for an integrated management of transport, to automate the process of traffic regulation, and to catch violators who over speed, park illegally, or jump signals.

An initial study for preparing the detailed project report will be done across 385 city junctions while the execution will begin at 159 busiest junctions.

"Chennai Traffic Information Centre (CTIC) will be stationed at the police headquarters from where all the traffic signals will be monitored. Instead of manually changing signals or holding green signal for longer periods, this will help regulate alternate routes for ambulances, or for setting up VVIP traffic arrangements," said an official.

The city will also get a strengthened public transport system with digital boards at key locations near busy bus depots that state the time of arrival and departure of buses on the route.

"Besides having GPS, buses will be integrated with the information system at depots to announce the next bus stop. Key locations in the city will sport Variable Messaging Signs for important messages and departure of buses from nearest depots," said an official from Chennai Smart City Limited (CSCL).

The remaining funding will be borne by the state. The Smart City body will be soon appointing consultants to carry out the initial study which would involve members of the city police and corporation.


Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 06.12.2108

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