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Montag, 17.06.2019
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The significant change is in the process of vehicle transfer and registration.

The Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) will be rolling out the web-based Vahan 4.0 software - aimed at ensuring transparency and weeding out agents operating under the guise of consultants - at its offices from Monday for registration and ownership/ transfer of all vehicles. The training, under way for MVD staffers for the purpose of implementing the software, will be completed soon. Officers said the project will be the first step towards digitisation of registration of vehicles in the entire state.

Transport Commissioner Sudesh Kumar said, “The process is on for implementing it across the state after successful implementation in Thiruvananthapuram RTO section,” he said.The system will end conventional registration procedures done manually by the RTO offices in the state keeping all the records in paper form. The Vahan 4.0 is enabled with e-payments of taxes, fees, uploading of all scanned documents onto a centralised server . All the user processes are done via OTPs texted to users’ registered mobile number.

“The registration and ownership transfer process will take place through the system without human interference,” said a senior MVD officer. Vahan is a flagship e-Governance project under National Transport Project aimed at automating the RTO operations related to vehicle registration, permit, taxation and enforcement across the country. Officers said Vahan was introduced in Thiruvananthapuram RTO section on trial basis and it was successful.

The significant change is in the process of vehicle transfer and registration. In case a person sells a vehicle, he or she should notify the RTO about the sale online as against the earlier procedure where it was responsibility of the buyer to change the name and address. The seller should submit a form to the RTO which should have the signature and other details of the buyer. “The digital records of the vehicle will have complete details including the insurance. Each transaction is OTP-enabled ensuring that only genuine applicants use the system,” the officers said.

The auction of fancy numbers will also be conducted via the Vahan system once it’s implemented. “Online auctioning of fancy numbers will end the practice of agents enagaging in outside financial settlement for getting fancy number. Through the online system, the participant will not know the number of bidders or their identities. Bidding is made online and the screen will only show the bids being made by the participants. The bidders need to log into the system using the OTP send to the registered mobile number,” the officers said.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Ajay Kanth

Quelle/Source: The New Indian Express, 12.03.2019

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