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The ISTM has also designed a curriculum for the programme.

The Ministry of Rural Development, in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Secretariat Training and Management (ISTM), will hold a training programme for its officials on good governance. According to ministry officials, the ministry decided to hold the programme for its officials after it learnt of bad behaviour by the officials from complainants who had approached them over the bad conditions of roads built under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY).

“We notice that complainants who came to register their grievances about the condition of the PMGSY roads were unhappy with the behaviour of the officials. Hence, we thought that a training programme was necessary to improve the situation. Apart from building roads, we also want to build a good rapport with the general public,” a ministry official said.

The ISTM has also designed a curriculum for the programme. According to ISTM officials, the training programme will help officials understand the concepts of good governance, re-engineering, e-governance, Right to Information, Public-Private Partnership, grievance redressal mechanism and tools involved in good governance better.

“During the five-day training, officials will work individually and in a group to understand the concepts of good governance better. With this, the government’s agenda of transparent governance also can be fulfilled,” an ISTM official said.The programme will be held between August 19 and 23 at ISTM campus.

Exclusion of ropeways

The Centre has decided to exclude ropeway projects from the ambit seeking forest clearance and paying the net present value (NPV) of forests after Himachal Pradesh CM Jairam Thakur wrote to the Environment Ministry. He said connectivity is a challenge and passenger ropeways are a useful alternative for improving the connectivity. The state has said that forest land is invariably required in most of the infrastructure related projects as two third of the area is categorized as forest land.

The state said that in the case of ropeways, about 10 meters wide strip of forest land falling in the alignment is included for diversion under Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 without actually needing it as the vehicle moves sufficiently above tree height thus, tree cover falling in the alignment of ropeway remains undisturbed.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Pushkar Banakar

Quelle/Source: The New Indian Express, 21.07.2019

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