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Samstag, 14.12.2019
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To cut down on time for various services related to issuance of arms licence, the Punjab Government has brought at least 23 related services under eSewa, an application developed by the Punjab State eGovernance Society.

The services were earlier being processed through District Magistrate Offices. Now, all arms licensing- related services are to be processed through eSewa application. All changes in the Arms Rules, 2016, that were notified last year, have been incorporated in the new application.

A senior government functionary explained that in case of deletion of weapon service for a weapon lost, the licensing authority, instead of seeking a report from District Magistrates, would now be able to access online data mentioned in eSewa application.

For cancellation of arms licence in case of death, the legal heirs, instead of the cumbersome process of seeking five permissions — for deposit of weapon, NOC for sale or transfer, release of weapon for sale , deletion of weapon from licence and cancellation of arms licence — had now to apply for only three: permission for deposit of weapon, NOC for sale and deletion of weapon.

The licensing authorities have been asked to delegate powers to the Assistant Commissioner (General) for services such as deposit of weapon in case of death, extension of cartridges and extension of purchase period. Similarly, the powers of Executive Magistrate for purpose of physical verification of weapons during entry of weapon service and renewal of arms licence have been delegated to Naib Tehsildars.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Rajmeet Singh

Quelle/Source: The Tribune, 19.08.2019

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