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Samstag, 11.07.2020
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

The State government was moving in the direction of providing Internet connectivity for all houses in order to provide services of various departments at their doorsteps, R.B. Udhayakumar, Minister for Revenue and Disaster Management and Information Technology, said on Wednesday.

Inaugurating the Centre for Applied Research and Data Sciences at Indian Institute of Management Tiruchi (IIM-T), established under collaboration with Tamil Nadu e-governance agency, he said the government considers bandwidth connectivity as important as food, shelter and clothing. He said the tie-up would pave way for better quality of service through the e-seva centres. IT applications would gradually be incorporated into all departments.

The recommendations arrived at after the International Research Workshop on e-government and Public Service Delivery - Challenges, Opportunities and Recommendations that followed will be implemented by the government, he said.

He launched the centre in the presence of S. Valarmathi, Minister for Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare; Vellamandi N. Natarajan, Minister for Tourism; Santhosh Babu, Principal Secretary, Department of Information Technology; Santosh K Misha, Commissioner, e-Governance, S. Sivarasu, District collector; and Director of IIM-T Bhimaraya Metri.

Mr. Mishra said facial recognition software developed in-house by the e-governance team will be extended to all departments. The software would have otherwise costed the government ₹ 50 - 60 lakhs. The government was looking at ways to share and absorb knowledge. Acknowledging that there were some issues in e-governance, he said efforts were on to rectify the shortcomings.

Mr. Santosh Babu said that by taking the expertise of the Virginia Tech University, IIT Madras and IIM Tiruchi, the administration was aiming at unlocking the entrepreneurial potential of youngsters.

The government aims to provide one GBPS connectivity to each of the 12,524 villages. It expects the academic institutions to train youngsters in the methodology of e-governance, building on the utility of the 60 lakh free laptops supplied to the student community, he said.


Quelle/Source: The Hindu, 22.08.2019

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