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On Engineer’s Day, the Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) engineers were to come up with innovative approach so that the projects would be implemented quicker and in cost-effective manner.

Observing the birth anniversary of the noted engineer Mokshagundam Vishweshwariya, Sunday, in its office premises at BMC Bhawani Mall, BSCL recalled the contributions of one of the greatest engineers, India has ever produced.

“Young engineers should remember the path shown by Sir M Vishweshwariya, who made invaluable contributions to the country. The engineers under BSCL should think about innovative approach so that the projects would be implemented in quicker and cost-effective manner,” said BSCL General Engineering Manager Aswini Kumar Biswal.

Sir Mokshagundam Vishweshwariya was born September 15 in 1871 in the erstwhile Mysore state (now Karnataka). An outstanding student throughout his career, he was later conferred Bharat Ratna for his contributions in the field of Engineering. From designing and developing Vrindavan Gardens to development of several projects across the country, he was also involved in the development plan of New Delhi. He was also conferred the prestigious knighthood by the British Empire.

Remembering the contributions of great engineers who had constructed big dams, bridges and projects which are still helping in economic progress of the nation, Biswal was also of the opinion that it is because of the dedicated engineers that we are living a life of comfort as they had toiled hard in project sites in adverse situations to make other happy and prosperous.

BSCL, being the special purpose vehicle to develop the Bhubaneswar Smart City is implementing various engineering, technology and civil projects across the Smart District and pan-city area. With engineering as its core focus apart from other projects, the celebration of Engineer’s Day at its office was a motivational day.


Quelle/Source: OrissaPOST, 15.09.2019

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