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Mittwoch, 12.08.2020
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With Srinagar having been brought under the Smart City project, it is soon going to have new smart electronic display hoardings to attract the advertisers.

Apart from displaying advertisements, these dynamic large video panels would also display weather updates and information about availability of parking slots in different parts of the city.

As per the new proposal, which would be implemented under the Smart City project, 200 new dynamic LED hoardings are being installed across the city at prominent places.

The hoardings would have a proper electronic and video display to enable the better display of the advertisements and information.

“As per the detailed project report (DPR), which has been approved, initially 42 such dynamic video panels would be installed at prominent places across the city,” an official connected with the project said.

He added that apart from displaying the advertisements, the LED panels would also display information related to the available parking spaces in the city at different spots as also the information about the weather updates.

“These would be kind of dynamic electronic hoardings,” the official added.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Ishfaq Tantry

Quelle/Source: The Tribune, 09.01.2020

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