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Dienstag, 11.08.2020
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The central government will be releasing a report card of 100 selected smart cities in three categories-ease of living, municipal, performance index and climate-in June, as the Modi-government's Smart Cities Project completes five years.

The Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry said that it will help cities in better planning and moving towards data-driven governance that will eventually improve their liveability.

Smart Cities Mission Director Kunal Kumar told PTI that the ministry will come out with the ranking of smart cities in Ease of living index, performance of municipalities and climate in June.

"We are using data to change lives. The government is ranking cities on economy, sustainability and other. We have converted citizens' aspirations into our outcome," he told PTI.

The Smart Cities Mission was launched in June 2015.

Kumar said that the ease of living assessment will be made on three parameters- quality of life, economic ability and sustainability. It will also include education, health, housing, mobility, safety, development and economic opportunities.

In the assessment, 35 percent weightage will be given to 'quality of life', 30 percent to citizen participation, 20 percent to sustainability and 20 percent to economic viability, the official said.

The verticals covered in the index include services (30 percent weightage), finance (20 percent) technology (15 percent), planning (15 percent), governance (20 percent).

The ministry also said that the value of tendered smart city projects so far is over Rs 1,62,000 crore with the value of work orders issued so far being around Rs 1,20,000 crore and the value of all completed project amounting to more than Rs 25,000 crores.


Quelle/Source: Goodreturns, 27.01.2020

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