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Montag, 13.07.2020
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The state government will soon relax the rules governing the conversion of agricultural land to enable ease of doing business and to ensure that investors do not face hassles while participating in Karnataka’s smart city development programmes.

Speaking at a recent programme, Chief Secretary T M Vijay Bhaskar noted that land acquisition was the major hurdle in Karnataka and the Cabinet had approved an amendment to the Karnataka Land Reforms Act to make purchase of land for industry simpler. At present, numerous levels of approvals are needed.

“Once the single-window agency clears the project, with the land requirement vetted by a committee, it will be deemed to be approved under Section 109 of the Act,” he said.

The other issue, the chief secretary said, is the conversion of agricultural land into non-agriculture purposes. “Very soon, an order will be issued on in this regard” he said.

“These cities have already become sprawling urban spaces. Conversion of agriculture land in these places takes months and creates hurdles for the industries and foreign agencies that come forward to invest there. The idea is to bring an amendment to make sure that the area that has come under city planning authorities and classified as Yellow Zones are converted in 15 days,” the sources said.


Quelle/Source: Deccan Herald, 10.02.2020

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