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Donnerstag, 4.06.2020
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The MSME Ministry and e-governance services delivery arm CSC-SPV have signed an agreement to promote schemes run by the ministry in rural areas.

Both, Ministry of MSME and CSC e-governance Services India Limited jointly conducted a workshop early this week to train entrepreneurs about the various schemes that can be delivered through common services centers.

CSC SPV CEO Dinesh Tyagi said, “Only CSC has the potential to create grass-root entrepreneurs. Our CSCs are itself small enterprises. Like other government programmes and schemes, we will help MSME Ministry in taking their programmes across India, particularly in rural areas”.

There are over 3.65 lakh CSCs located across India which provide government services in rural area.

MSME Special Secretary and Development Commissioner Ram Mohan Mishra mentioned programs like Udyam Sakhi & Udyam Sathi and said, “CSCs can play a major role in MSME programs like Udyam Sakhi and Udyam Sathi. We can develop a group on this. India is the nation of villages and CSC-Ministry of MSME collaboration can play a major role in investment mobilization”.

MSME Ministry DDG D P Srivastava said, “Village Level Entrepreneurs have revolutionized India by empowering women, marginalized communities and rural citizens and providing opportunities for access of various government and other services to them. CSCs can act as facilitators in disseminating in the schemes and programs of the government to the MSMEs, mainly those in the rural and semi-urban areas”.


Quelle/Source: Knn India, 22.02.2020

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