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Smart technology solutions from L&T are helping city administrations like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Prayagraj, Ahmedabad, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad and others in tracking patients, containing the spread of the virus, monitoring quarantined people and controlling crowding by police personnel

  • Ties up with over 20 city administrations to fight COVID-19 with smart solutions
  • To install fever detection thermal cameras at public places in Mumbai
  • Drone surveillance to manage crowds in various cities
  • AI-powered system to track vehicle owners driving beyond restricted areas
  • COVID Contact Centres, Command & Control Centers and City Operations Centers in smart cities

Larsen & Toubro, the largest engineering technology company in the country, has tied up with over 20 city administrations to offer smart solutions to help fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

L&T, which has been helping many city administration for crowd management with smart solutions, has started trials with fever detection thermal cameras in Mumbai. These cameras will map the body temperature of people and will alert authorities about people having high fever. The thermal cameras will be installed soon at various key crowded centers in various parts of the city, besides extensive drone surveillance for crowd management.

Smart technology solutions from L&T are helping city administrations like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Prayagraj, Ahmedabad, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad and others in tracking patients, containing the spread of the virus, monitoring quarantined people, controlling crowding by police personnel, rescue efforts of the administration, spreading COVID-19 related messages to populace and in law and order maintenance, said SN Subrahmanyan, CEO & managing director, Larsen & Toubro. "These include setting up and running of Command & Control Centers and City Operations Centers for many city administrations to help the country escape from this pandemic", he said.

For example in Visakhapatnam, where L&T is executing a smart city project and operating a 'City Grievance Cell', has now been converted into a 24X7 COVID Contact Centre. The centre now has 20 plus operators and is engaged in tracking the details of all individuals who recently returned abroad. Each such individual is being reached out every day for 14 days to monitor whether they are showing any symptoms for COVID-19. In case anyone manifests the symptoms, the information is passed on to the chief medical officer of the municipality on a real-time basis.

Further, L&T's m-governance app developed for Vizag Smart City is used by municipal officials for their day to day operations. The app has now been customised for health workers to carry out house surveys every three hours and record health parameters of self-isolated people and neighborhoods of COVID-19 positive cases. Also, about 40,000 people in greater Visakhapatnam use a 'Citizen app' developed by L&T and now has been equipped with the COVID-19 SOS button for citizens to notify any medical emergency, besides options to check for COVID-19 symptoms. The app can check whether he or she has developed any symptom, based on a survey to assess mild/moderate/critical categorization. If found critical, an emergency SOP shall be triggered and for non-critical cases, operators connect concerned zonal doctors through telemedicine for further counselling and advise. The App's geo-fencing technology also enables the Contact Center to monitor any unwanted movement of citizens marked for self-isolation. The app also records the health parameters of isolated people - mandatory daily updation for international travelers and voluntary updation for self-isolated citizens.

Further, 50 public address systems (PAS) installed on smart poles by L&T in Visakhapatnam for relaying official messages on the lockdown, crowd restrictions, and precautionary measures, besides Ten variable message display (VMD) boards for awareness and communication on COVID-19.

In Hyderabad, the city dwellers are not allowed to drive beyond 3 kilometers from their residences even for buying essential goods and L&T devised an innovation to help police track the violators. Machine Learning based Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system monitors vehicle locations continuously and once a vehicle crosses the 3-km limit, an automated alert is being sent out to the police. Additionally, through the integration of the Regional Transport Authority's (RTA) database, vehicle owners are identified to issue a warning. More than 200 cameras are deployed across the city with deep learning-based crowd formation analytics triggering real-time alerts at the police command center. The Hyderabad police have so far received 1000+ alerts and officials were successful in dispersing the crowd through field officers. Besides, public address systems, 40 Variable Message Display (VMD) boards have been set up for traffic management at arterial locations and awareness across Hyderabad.

At Prayagraj smart city in Uttar Pradesh, where L&T had implemented extensive smart solutions to manage crowds for the Kumbhamela, the city operations center is monitoring crowd formation through 1000 plus CCTV cameras deployed throughout the city. The 1920 helpline number is currently used to handle COVID-19 related calls, including 'doctor-on-call', and 14 variable message display (VMD) boards are being used for precautionary measures on COVID-19. L&T, with the Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), has been implementing an advanced metering infrastructure in Uttar Pradesh. It had developed a consumer mobile app now used by one million people and it is now leveraged to relay official COVID-19 information.


Autor(en)/Author(s): PB Jayakumar

Quelle/Source: Business Today, 02.05.2020

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