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Sonntag, 27.09.2020
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In place of migrants, workers have been brought from Madurai villages

After a long gap since the imposition of lockdown, work has resumed at major projects under the Smart Cities Mission of the Central government on Monday. Work has started on a low scale - at Periyar bus stand and multi-level car parking facility near Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple.

City Engineer S. Arasu said work had begun on a few projects with available workers who were staying near construction sites. “We have resumed work by following rules laid down by the government. The workers are given face masks and hand washing facilities have been provided on the site. Officials have been instructed to screen the workers and strictly enforce personal distancing,” he said.

A corporation official said that after de-watering, regular work resumed with around 100 workers at Periyar bus stand on Monday. “Heavy rain during lockdown led to water stagnation at the construction site and hence we had to pump out the water before starting work,” he said.

Most of the workers were migrants who have been waiting to return to their native States. “To address the issue of labour shortage, we have brought few workers from villages around Madurai and have arranged accommodation for them near the site,” he said. Another official said that relaying of stones on the four Chithirai streets around near Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple and work at Kunnathur Chathiram started on Friday.

Work has also begun at Tamukkam ground where construction of a convention centre is under way. “But we have run short of labourers. We hope that full-fledged work will begin next week,” said the official.


Quelle/Source: The Hindu, 12.05.2020

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