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Sonntag, 27.09.2020
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To ramp up testing for Covid-19, 12 walk-in sample collection kiosks have been erected across the state for random population-based screening. They have been set up by the Goa government with assistance from Wipro GE Healthcare as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and have begun operations at industrial estates in Verna and Mapusa, and at border locations in Dodamarg, Keri and Patradevi.

Health minister Vishwajit Rane said the smart kiosks have been introduced to ensure the safety of both, healthcare staff and other citizens. “They will go a long way in controlling the spread of of Covid-19 in Goa,” he said.

The smart kiosks comprise two enclosures, one for the citizen and the other for the healthcare staff. They are separated by a see-through, airtight partition. Both enclosures have separate entries, lighting and ventilation arrangements and a microphone and speaker for communication between the healthcare worker and the citizen. The partition holds a pair of replaceable gloves and a sanitising gel dispenser to enable safe sample collections.

A Wipro GE Healthcare official said an attendant — wearing protective gear — will first collect basic information about people coming in for the test, check travel history and ask whether he/she had come in a contact with a Covid-19 positive patient. Temperature is then taken and the information received is stored on an app. After this, the citizen will be provided with a kit (swab) to collect samples for testing.

“They move to the sample collection enclosure where the healthcare worker — from a separate enclosure — collects the samples, hands it back to the person who puts in a vial, drops in an ice box and walks away.

The kiosk is disinfected after every sample collection.

“Doctors and healthcare workers getting infected with Covid-19 when passionately carrying out their duties is a disturbing and unfortunate fallout of the treatment process,” said Nalinikanth Gollagunta, MD at Wipro GE Healthcare.


Quelle/Source: Times of India, 14.05.2020

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