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Sonntag, 12.07.2020
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The legacy mining at dumping ground, which began in December last year, will be completed at a cost of Rs 34 crore.

Two projects of Chandigarh Smart City have been hit as labour and officials are caught up in containment areas in different states.

The project concerning public bike sharing, which was scheduled to begin during summers, will not be able to commence anytime soon, while the work of legacy mining is being carried out laggardly due to the shortage of labour and machinery, officials said.

A senior official of the Chandigarh Smart City limited said, “Though work at back end is going on, including procurement of bicycles and development of software by the company, but the officials are unable to execute it as they are based in Hyderabad and their area has been declared as containment zone.”

He added, “Similarly, the legacy mining work at Dadumajra is also hit because the labour and officials are stuck in containment zones of Maharashtra. Work of legacy mining is on but it is slow.”

The public bike sharing project, which has been pending for over three years now, involves borrowing a bicycle from any docking station across the city and returning it at any of the docking stations after their ride.

The Smart City limited had planned to introduce as many as 617 cycle dock stations in bus areas which have proximity to markets, bus stops, tourist places, open spaces, parking areas, institutional and commercial spaces and parks.

Each station will have 10 cycles for renting and it will also have additional parking space for dropping off cycles. Both members and non-members will be able to rent a cycle on hourly rates.

Members will need to pay Rs 5 per hour, while non-members will have to pay Rs 10 per hour. An annual subscription will also be available for Rs 200, sources said. The detailed plan will be announced following the project’s execution.

A smart card based recharge system, which one will be able to recharge online, is also likely to be available.

Meanwhile, at the dock station, the cycles will be unlocked and released for use through an app. In order to avoid theft or any other incident, the cycles will be equipped with GPS trackers.

Meanwhile, the legacy mining at dumping ground, which began in December last year, will be completed at a cost of Rs 34 crore.

About five lakh metric tonnes of garbage has reportedly accumulated at Dadumajra over the decades. Through legacy mining, the pile of trash was to be cleared in a scientific manner.

However, the work has got delayed due to the lockdown and even after the unlock, it is recording slow-paced progress as the labour and officials involved in the project are caught up in containment zones, officials said.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Hina Rohtaki

Quelle/Source: The Indian Express, 19.06.2020

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