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Dienstag, 29.09.2020
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In a sign that Panaji legislator Atanasio Monserrate has overcome his misgivings about the Smart City Mission, the MLA asked Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd (IPSCDL) to take up a slew of projects under the mission.

Monserrate held an extensive review meeting with various officials at the IPSCDL office where he also reviewed the ongoing development projects in the state capital.

Among the several projects that IPSCDL has been asked to take over is the third phase of the municipal market, the Ribandar sewerage network, a football ground at Ribandar and replacement of the city’s 2,600 streetlight poles.

“This is the first time that Smart City is taking us in confidence. The MLA wants us to take up projects that people want,” said Panaji mayor Uday Madkaikar.

In July 2019, Monserrate had demanded an inquiry into the functioning of the Smart City Mission, especially its chief executive officer Swayandipta Pal Chaudhuri.

Monserrate met with Madkaikar, Chaudhuri, representatives of Taleigao panchayat, and officials from the departments of electricity, WRD, PWD and sewerage corporation. During the meeting, Monserrate asked IPSCDL to take up the construction of the third phase of the municipal market for fish and meat vendors. The project will come up on 2,400sqm land which is already in CCP’s name. Monserrate also wants a market to be built at Ribandar on land that is owned by the PDA.


Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 06.08.2020

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