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Mittwoch, 30.09.2020
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Days after taking over as the CEO, Smart City Limited, Dehradun DM Ashish Srivastava on Saturday held a meeting with the officials and contractors involved in Smart City works and asked them to prepare timelines to finish pending projects.

The DM said that he had received several complaints about roads which had been dug up for projects and then left unattended, creating major inconvenience, especially during monsoon.

The chief executive officer asked officials to first finish work at places where roads had already been dug up. "In case digging up a road is unavoidable, do it at night so commuters aren't inconvenienced," he said.

Srivastava has also asked officials to prioritize the development work under smart city projects, so the projects are completed as soon as the monsoon subsides.

During the meeting, projects related to Smart roads, water ATMs, sewerage, the Paltan Bazar walk way as well as the integrated sewage and supply augmentation project were discussed.


Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 23.08.2020

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