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Freitag, 4.12.2020
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BJP, the ruling party in MCC, has said that it welcomes the demand made by former MLC Ivan D'Souza, who has urged to hold ACB or Lokayukta investigation in the scam that has taken place in the Smart City project.

Speaking at a press conference in the absence of mayor Diwakar Pandeshwar, senior member Sudhir Shetty Kannur said, "Ivan D'Souza has accused in a press conference that in the Smart City project, three times the estimated rate is quoted. This project is under implementation since two and a half years. More than 60% of the estimated cost was prepared during the regime of the previous Congress rule in Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC). We also suspect that the then MLA and minister himself has involved in the scam. We welcome the investigation by ACB or Lokayukta as proposed by Ivan D'Souza.

"Smart City project has its own platform for implementation. MD of the project can sanction any work up to an estimated cost of Rs five crore. Up to 50 crore sanction is required from high power committee and from Rs 50 to Rs 200 crore, the cabinet has to give approval. The estimated cost is done through SR rate of PWD. At present, in eight wards of MCC, Smart City work is going on. Let the investigation be done, including the works that are carried out during the Congress regime, and the scam come to light."

Reacting to the accusation of delay in the Shaktinagar house project, chief whip of MCC Premanand Shetty said, "Congress is making baseless allegations. It is doing so because of the pace at which we have taken up the works pertaining to the Smart City project. Ivan D'Souza has accused BJP that our party is showing the obstacles of forest department and delaying in giving the housing facility to the poor people. But in reality Congress has cheated the people by giving them the certificate of sites. There was no need of that. This is just a false promise for the MCC election sake that was created by Congress. MLA Vedavyasa Kamath has conducted several meetings as the president of the Ashraya committee and has tried to resolve the issues pertaining to deemed forest.

"Rs 60 lac is deposited with the forest department against their condition of not cutting trees in the allocated area for housing facility. In order to fulfil the other condition of keeping two times the land area, in case local organizations want to utilize the space, the process of handing over 20 acres of land in Tenka Edapadavu to the forest department is being carried out. Once the center gives the nod, tender will be called immediately. The tender that was called earlier to construct 125 houses in the first phase in cancelled. As soon as the forest department given NOC the work of first phase will start. This project will be carried out in eight phases. Funds from the beneficiary under the central and state housing scheme, bank and MCC will be utilized for the implementation of this project,” he said.

Deputy mayor Janaki alias Vedavati was present at the press conference.


Quelle/Source: Daijiworld, 10.10.2020

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