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Mittwoch, 2.12.2020
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The project will ensure hassle-free journey for pedestrians, detection of traffic violators

The traffic system in city will become smart with the introduction of the integrated traffic management system (ITMS) under the Smart City Mission project. The project will ensure effective traffic management, hassle-free journey for pedestrians and detection of traffic violators. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan will inaugurate the system via videoconferencing on October 19. The project has two phases - enforcement and traffic management. While enforcement deals with detection of traffic violations and slapping of fine, traffic management pertains to flow detection and optimisation of signal controls.

ITMS for Kochi consists of vehicle actuated signals, pelican signals, corridor management and area traffic control system, traffic surveillance through PTZ cameras for violation of detection and incident management, red light violation detection system, variable message signage and the control centre. The main attraction is the vehicle actuated signal, which functions automatically to manage the traffic snarl-ups in the city.

Instead of the present system of isolated signals, most of which are controlled manually, the ITMS aims at upgrading the entire system to automated technology and interlinking of all signals. This will help in managing traffic effectively and reducing the number of cases related to traffic violations.

The traffic signal system at 21 major junctions in and around the city has been interlinked. ITMS has a number of electronic equipment for improving road traffic conditions. The pelican signal for pedestrians is another major feature of the new system which enables pedestrians to manage traffic. Pelican signal lights have been installed at busy junctions, including Shanmugham Road, Menaka junction, Kaloor church bus stop, Edappally church bus stop.

Cameras have been set up at 35 centres to detect traffic violations. These cameras have a special feature to capture images at night and even during bad weather. The Cochin Smart City Mission Ltd has completed the work to upgrade traffic signals along with the setting up of a command control centre. The entire system will be managed from the control centre located at Revenue Tower. The centre has facilities for effective surveillance.The entire system is being launched at a cost of `26 crore. It includes the cost of managing the system for five years and imparting training for the officers by Keltron.


Quelle/Source: The New Indian Express, 11.10.2020

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