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Freitag, 4.12.2020
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Entrance road to New Amritsar locality, like many others, in a shambles

The dreams of turning the centuries old city into a Smart City are all but far-fetched. The belief is solidified even more upon seeing the entrance road to the Bhai Gurdas Ji Nagar, known as the New Amritsar locality, which is teeming with craters.

About 2 km of stretch joining the locality -- housing over 10,000 homes -- with the GT road is in dire need of mending. This is the only way in and out of the locality which is amply wide.

Rashpal Singh Chauhan, president of the New Amritsar Residents Welfare Association and a resident, blamed a private contractor for damaging the road. “About five years ago, the contractor had gained entry for his equipment and vehicles on the premises for a year,” he recalls. Five years on, his equipment is still there and heavy vehicles containing construction material plied, which allegedly have been the protagonist in the decaying of the said road.

“Even numerous complaints to the Amritsar Improvement Trust (AIT) had not brought desired results,” he says.

Kulvinder Singh, a resident of the locality, has been living her for years now. According to him, a number of roads and inside streets are in a seemingly good condition, though a bit of repairing is required at some places. But the main access road has to be taken care of. “A number of roads and internal streets have hardly been repaired but are in good condition; though at some points it needs repair. However, the main access road developed big potholes and erosion of the topmost crust.”

“The situation becomes worse during rain. The government pays no attention. Worsening the matters was a company laying gas pipes as the works damaged the potable water lines,” he adds.

Fear of accidents always looms large, but officials are least bothered. “We had raised the matter about the poor condition of the road many times, but to no avail. The condition deteriorated during the rainy season. Every time excuses are made by the civic body and there seems no sign of relief,” Singh tells.

Dinesh Bassi, chairman of Amritsar Improvement Trust (AIT), said the road would be constructed after the undergoing process of laying gas pipes is completed.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Neeraj Bagga

Quelle/Source: The Tribune, 20.10.2020

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