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Freitag, 4.12.2020
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The Kohima smart city mission also aims to launch 'walkable streets' project to create pedestrian friendly walkways

With an intend to create pedestrian-friendly streets for citizens, the Kohima Smart City Development Limited (KSCDL) organised a day-long pop up street space at Old NST in Kohima on Saturday.

Speaking with EastMojo, Kovi Meyase, CEO, KSCDL informed that following COVID-19 pandemic, the ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) ministry assigned all smart cities to undertake initiatives such as street for people challenge and cycles for change campaign, encouraging activities which are "health friendly".

"It is also with the hope that it is a lifestyle change for the people [living] in the city," he said. Meyase further said that the pop-up event today was initiated with an intend to create pedestrian friendly streets for all citizens, including persons with disabilities (PwDs), senior citizens and children.

He informed that it was initiated to sensitize and create awareness among the people that such an initiative is in the pipeline. "We want people to have a feel of what our streets can be turned into, if we have the will and intend," said Meyase.

While the pop-up event is currently on a trial basis, he said that it has so far received positive feedbacks from the people. He added that people witnessing the event on the streets and on social media platforms have been encouraging the smart city team that this is the street that people want in Kohima.

The CEO revealed that after this pop-up event, a project called 'walkable streets' is to be launched and in the long run, an ultimate pedestrian friendly walkway from Razhü point till NST stretch is targeted to be achieved.

In this regard, he informed that all stakeholders--National Highway authorities, regional transport office, state police and the district's deputy commissioner are been consulted to work out the "little edges involved".

"We are getting positive responses. I am hopeful that the pedestrian friendly stretch will be a reality," he concluded.


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Quelle/Source: East Mojo, 07.11.2020

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