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Samstag, 23.01.2021
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The first major sale of Smart City land for area-based private development has brought forth a positive response from investors, according to Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited (BSCDCL). An investor meet is scheduled for December 2, ahead of the opening of bids on December 10. “More than 1,400 companies and investors have come forward with their queries. We hope to raise around Rs 260 crore from the sale of six land parcels in December,” said a BSCDCL official. The smart city mission is upbeat after national and international interest in the bid.

The Union government’s Smart City Mission seeks to address the issue of urbanisation through the transformation of selected cities. The intent is to create sustainable cities that can provide a good quality life to its citizens. Bhopal has been amongst the 20 lighthouse cities with a dramatically different approach which is driven by ‘redevelopment’ rather than ‘retrofitting’.

Area-based development is to take place in 142 acre of the 342-acre project area in TT Nagar. Companies from Germany, hospital and hotel industry and others seeking joint venture investment have come forward with their proposals. An investor meet is to take place at Minto Hall on December 2. A high Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 3 is being offered to the investors.

The facilities being offered include high-density mixed use with higher far up to 3.0; wider roads with underground utility services; integrated command & control center for monitoring services 24x7 through Scada; 24x7 power & water supply; smart street lights and cameras for security; 342-acre project area with futuristic infrastructure in the heart of the city; and ready plot available for commercial, retail, residential, hotel, school, offices, hospitals, malls and convention centers.


Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 30.11.2020

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